California Medical Insurance

In latest years, many prominent politicians and think tanks have suggested improvements in health care by debating for a free market environment which will create sufficient competition to automatically cut down on the high healthcare costs. Still, numerous other are suggesting imposing price control policies and strict budgets. You may also have seen those health experts on the Television shows telling all Americans to eat healthful and asking for all junk food outlets to offer SUBWAY style menus. Anyway.

Individuals from all avenues of life have offered a solution however it appears that Uncle Sam still can’t determine how to keep up with the issue? It seems that consumers and wage workers will continue to suffer due to the inaction of the Congress. Yes! Worker medical health insurance is now becoming a grave issue. Researchers from Harvard University lately conducted a milestone study to raise concern over the employ healthcare in workplace. Their investigation into the phenomenon highlighted that nearly 70 percent of the companies that filed for bankruptcy had a medical health insurance plan that was around an average of $ per employer.

The Feb 2005 report concluded that nearly 50% of the companies filed for bankruptcy due to the healthcare costs. Did you know that every thirty seconds in United States, someone goes bankrupt due to a series health issue and the related expanses that they were not able to pay? speaking about the low income population, 50% of US families paid accrued debt and faced financial crisis due to medical expenses cited a research conducted by Commonwealth Fund. Such is the burden on low income and low middle income families that even one serious medical problem may affect the financial stability of an entire family. Individuals in US now believe that housing problems, late mortgage and poor credit rating are a result of the high medical costs incurred by the family. Now you can learn top information on Employee Medical Insurance California and even California Free Group Medical Insurance Quote.

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